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G & R Landscaping Construction
125 Larkspur Street, Ste. 101
San Rafael, CA 94901

O: 415.455.8933
C: 415.519.4608
F: 415.456.8941

License #: 928354


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I have been a licensed landscape architect for nearly 20 years and a practicing landscape professional with a combined experience exceeding thirty years.

I have seen all kinds of landscape construction companies and I have worked with some of the best in the California.

Gonzalo Melendez/G and R Construction is the consummate professional landscape contractor offering a complete and comprehensive application of the trade.

He very carefully assesses each job and plans his crew size, job duties and sequence of construction in a very efficient manner, maximizing the work accomplished per man hour.

Initially, the demolition effort is very well executed with precision layout that follows. Gonzalo pays particularly close attention to drainage and grading and will not hesitate to offer suggestions to strengthen a plan or point out deficiencies. He is always looking to protect the client and to promote the best construction practices possible.

His masonry skills and structural concrete work are quite accomplished and his work in both quality and aesthetics stand out on their own.

He is capable in managing complex remodels and has quite a specialty in pool renovation work. Being both extremely knowledgeable and amazingly personable, Gonzalo mixes in with subcontractors and other trades quite will on the job site. He is both a scholar in his field and a true gentleman.

Unconditionally, Gonzalo is one of the best landscape contractors I have had the pleasure of working with and I never hesitate to refer him to my clients.

  • Jim Catlin
  • Landscape Architect
  • San Rafael, CA
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