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I have been a repeat client of Gonzalo Melendez and G&R Construction for over 20 years. He has done 5 major projects on my residences in San Anselmo and San Rafael. I have lived with his work for decades and have continued to enjoy the aesthetics of our collaborations and have had no problems develop with any of the projects, despite steep hillside sites, difficult clay soils, and years of Marin rain.

Gonzalo was initially recommended to me by the owner of a building materials company as his top choice for a mason to deal with difficult sites. My house was 60 stairs up from a one-lane road with no parking!

After a mud slide Gonzalo stabilizied the hillside, he is obsessed with drainage and strong foundations, and built a beautiful rock retaining wall. He created a garden room where before there was only mud. This space is now 20 years old, strong, stable, and beautiful.

Since that time he has designed and built a terraced garden with extensive rock walls and flagstone walkways, an outdoor kitchen built into the hillside and a flagstone entry with structural rock retaining walls and handmade iron railings.

Gonzalo is amaster mason with a sophisticated sense of line, scale and proportion. He has a particularly good eye for blending his hardscapes into natural settings. His knowledge of aesthetics, structural techniques and materials is very impressive. He keeps abreast of the most current advances in his field and is also certified in them.

He is a pleasure to work with, an excellent listener and he always takes the time to really understand the eneds and desires of his client. He is endlessly patient.

G&R is extremely well equipped with tools, amchinery, vehicles, etc. I have not experienced a delay having to do with equipment.

Gonzalo is extremely adept at keeping good relations with neighbors. He accomodates them and respects their needs, understanding that the smooth running of any project depends on harmony. He is equally adept in dealing with inspectors, municipalities and suppliers. At the end of a recent major project that involved structure, landscape, pool and planting I did not experience any reaction from my neighbors except praise for Gonzalo's and his staff's accomodation.

Lastly, Gonzalo's qualities of professionalism, good management and social skills are reflected in his fine staff of craftsmen. To a man they are a pleasure to work with and to be in the company of. Many of the men working on my recent project have worked on my projects over the years. They work more as a highly trained and coordinated sports team than as a work crew. They are polite, cheerful and charming, again a testament to the quality and professionalist of G&R Construction and Gonzalo Melendez.

  • Roger Van Craeynest
  • Homeowner
  • San Rafael, CA
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